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There are several theories regarding the planting of this magnificent English Weeping Beech tree. The most plausible one is based on historical fact:? Most people believe that the American Revolution started with “the shot heard round the world” in Concord. 1775. In fact, the seeds of the Revolution were sown 14 years earlier by a fiery West Barnstable patriot named James Otis. As a representative of Massachusetts to the provincial General Court in 1761, Otis proposed a meeting of representatives of all the Colonies. This led to the assembly of The Stamp Act Congress of 1765 which eliminated the taxes on stamps and other goods. John Adams credited Otis with igniting “… the spark by which the child Independence was born.” Three years later, the British retaliated with the Townshend Act which would tax many goods shipped in from England that America needed but had little of. Once again, James Otis spoke up: “Let Great Britain rescind her measures, or the colonies are lost forever.” Within a year, he was attacked by British revenue officers and sustained a head wound that “… caused him to lose his mind.” This was an obvious message to the upstarts of Barnstable.

599 Main St, Hyannis, MA
phone: (508) 534-9876
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Hyannis utility pole fire knocks out power
Friday April 28, 2017
HYANNIS — A utility pole fire at the corner of Pitcher’s Way and West Main Street on Thursday caused a power outage in sections of Hyannis. The incident occurred at around 2:15 p.m., according to Barnstable police and Hyannis fire officials.The fire was out when firefighters arrived, but traffic lights along the Route 132 corridor were not functioning, causing significant traffic delays, they said.Power was out at the Barnstable police station and surrounding [...]
Falmouth wins turbine nuisance case
Friday April 28, 2017
FALMOUTH — A Barnstable Superior Court jury on Thursday sided with Falmouth officials in a lawsuit over one of the town?s wind turbines.Despite the decision, the turbine known as Wind 1 — one of two turbines at the Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility — must remain shut down as the town battles its own Zoning Board of Appeals in Land Court and faces off with neighbors in a morass of additional legal challenges.The case focused on whether [...]
Sandwich man faces new drug charges
Friday April 28, 2017
HYANNIS — A Sandwich man arrested earlier this month after he was allegedly found in possession of 900 doses of LSD, 10 ounces of mushrooms and hash oil faces new drug charges.Matthew Butchard, 22, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Barnstable District Court to charges of shoplifting and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.Butchard was arrested Tuesday after allegedly shoplifting nearly $50 in cigarette lighters and snacks from Stop & Shop in Hyannis. [...]
Sandwich woman charged with breaking into market to steal food
Friday April 28, 2017
SANDWICH — A Sandwich woman faces criminal charges after allegedly smashing the door of a local market Wednesday night and stealing an apple pie and other food items.Susan Kettell, 38, pleaded not guilty in Barnstable District Court on Thursday to charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime for a felony and malicious destruction of property over $250.Police responded to an alarm at Lambert’s Farm Market at 10:30 p.m. to find a front glass door shattered [...]
NOAA:  Warmer Friday, possible glimpse of the sun
Thursday April 27, 2017
Deck: Sunday looks to be sunny?Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsAuthor: CapeCodToday StaffTeaser: Sunday looks to be sunny?Main Image: Thumbnail Image: Image Gallery: Body:  From the National Weather Service: Tomorrow will be even warmer than?
Today?s job postings from Career Opportunities - 04/27/17
Thursday April 27, 2017
Deck: Pesticide technician, contact center coordinator?Towns: BarnstableTopic: BusinessHub Category: BusinessAuthor: CapeCodToday StaffTeaser: Pesticide technician, contact center coordinator?Main Image: Thumbnail Image: Body:  Today?s job postings from the good people at Career Opportunities:   Job #1 ? Pesticide Technician ? Outer Cape Full Time: We provide a working environment where these skilled professionals can achieve true satisfaction?
Utility pole fire cuts power to thousands in Hyannis
Thursday April 27, 2017
HYANNIS — A transformer explosion and utility pole fire at the corner of Pitcher?s Way and West Main Street has caused a large power outage in sections of Hyannis.The incident occurred at approximately 2:15 p.m., according to Barnstable police Sgt. Sean Sweeney.The fire has been extinguished, but traffic lights along the Route 132 corridor are not functioning, causing significant traffic delays, Sweeney said.Power was out at the Barnstable [...]
Air National Guardsmen Conduct Risky Night-Jump Rescue Operation
Thursday April 27, 2017
Deck: Parachuted into ocean 1,300 miles off Cape Cod to rescue two injured seamenTowns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: NewsHub Category: Police and FireAuthor: CapeCodToday StaffTeaser: Parachuted into ocean 1,300 miles off Cape Cod to rescue two injured seamen?Main?
Barnstable Police traffic advisory - traffic lights along Route 132
Thursday April 27, 2017
Deck: Traffic signals taken out by power failureTowns: BarnstableTopic: Police and Fire NewsHub Category: Police and FireAuthor: CapeCodToday StaffTeaser: Traffic signals taken out by power failure?Main Image: Thumbnail Image: Body:  From Barnstable Police: Traffic advisory: Several traffic lights along Rte 132 are not functioning due to a power outage caused by a transformer fire in West Main St. Work crews have been notified; however, expect?
Sturgis Charter?s Paul Marble Explains Loss of National Rating
Thursday April 27, 2017
Deck: Schools that only use IB exams no longer eligible for Gold or Silver medals?Towns: BarnstableBourneBrewsterCentervilleChathamCotuitDennisEasthamFalmouthHarwichHyannisMarstons MillsMartha's VineyardMashpeeNantucketOrleansOstervillePlymouthProvincetownSandwichTruroWarehamWellfleetWoods HoleYarmouthTopic: EducationHub Category: EducationAuthor: CapeCodToday StaffTeaser: Schools that only use IB exams no longer eligible for Gold or Silver medals?Main?
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