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There are several theories regarding the planting of this magnificent English Weeping Beech tree. The most plausible one is based on historical fact:? Most people believe that the American Revolution started with “the shot heard round the world” in Concord. 1775. In fact, the seeds of the Revolution were sown 14 years earlier by a fiery West Barnstable patriot named James Otis. As a representative of Massachusetts to the provincial General Court in 1761, Otis proposed a meeting of representatives of all the Colonies. This led to the assembly of The Stamp Act Congress of 1765 which eliminated the taxes on stamps and other goods. John Adams credited Otis with igniting “… the spark by which the child Independence was born.” Three years later, the British retaliated with the Townshend Act which would tax many goods shipped in from England that America needed but had little of. Once again, James Otis spoke up: “Let Great Britain rescind her measures, or the colonies are lost forever.” Within a year, he was attacked by British revenue officers and sustained a head wound that “… caused him to lose his mind.” This was an obvious message to the upstarts of Barnstable.

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Living the dream? 'People are hungry'; 'fix the system'
Wednesday October 21, 2020
Saturday will mark the fourth weekend that Massachusetts Military Support Foundation has run a drive-through food bank from a Cape Cod Community College parking lot.Two to go: Oct. 24 and Oct. 31, from 9 a.m. to noon or while supplies last. Cars have been lining up as early as 8:30 a.m.In two hours, 700 Barnstable County families in need had collected a box of food. Since March, the MMSF has provided more than $23.5 million pounds of food, or 50,000 boxes, [...]
9 new COVID cases confirmed in Barnstable County
Wednesday October 21, 2020
The state Department of Public Health said in its Wednesday report that the Cape and Islands had nine newly confirmed cases of coronavirus.Overall, Massachusetts had 646 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus for a total of 142,941 cases since pandemic reporting began this winter.Barnstable County has a total of 1,911 confirmed cases. Nantucket and Dukes counties reported no new cases Wednesday, and have a cumulative coronavirus case count of 137 and 71 respectively.Public [...]
No Virus Deaths on Cape and Islands for 4th Straight Day
Wednesday October 21, 2020
BOSTON-For the fourth consecutive day, no additional COVID-19 deaths were reported on the Cape and Islands by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) on Wednesday. Nine more positive cases within Barnstable County were a part of 646 new cases across the Commonwealth. The Islands did not see any additional cases in? .
OPINION/MY VIEW: It's time to reconsider the importance of music education
Wednesday October 21, 2020
Recent changes in the administration of the Barnstable Public Schools present an opportunity to refocus our thinking about the importance and role of music education. Music offers multiple and unique opportunities for student engagement. Music is both ubiquitous and mysterious, and therein lies its power.In a recent interview on WCAI, Jung-Ho Pak, conductor of the Cape Cod Symphony, spoke passionately about the importance of music education, a value I also hold. I’ve performed [...]
Barnstable school district reports 3 COVID-positive patients in isolation
Wednesday October 21, 2020
BARNSTABLE — The Barnstable school district reported Tuesday that it has two students and one staff member currently in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19.On Tuesday morning, the district became aware that a member of the Barnstable High School community had tested positive, according to Superintendent Meg Mayo-Brown.The first student currently in isolation was reported Oct. 14 and the staff member on Oct. 8, according to Alicia Bryant, the director of [...]
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